Next Up

A Podcast Alarm

The first full-featured iOS podcast alarm clock. Designed to help you wake up engaged.

More pleasant than alarm sounds, more engaging than music, and more personalised than any radio station.


Wake up to a meditation, the news, a comedy show, or the voice of LeVar Burton reading you a new short story.

Next Up integrates with podcasts already managed in the native Podcasts app and plays them with the native music player.


Tailor each alarm to its podcast.

Schedule alarms to repeat when new episodes are released. Play the newest episodes first for news, sports, and current events, or start with the oldest to catch up on serial or stand-alone podcasts.


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A little while back I decided that I wanted to wake up to something less abrasive than alarm sounds and more engaging than music. I considered the radio, but didn't want to be stuck with one station or show.

So I scoured the web and the App Store looking for a podcast alarm clock. I wasn't satisfied with what I found, so I figured I'd try to make it myself.

Ads and Privacy

Next Up may not always be free to new users, but it will never use intrusive banner or pop-up ads of any kind. Nor will it ever collect or sell anyone's personal data.

For the official Privacy Policy and TOS, click here.


Next Up is the pet project of a lone developer. I'll do my best to respond to questions, comments, and bug fix requests as soon as I'm able, but patience is always appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions are here.

For additional questions and bug reports, send me an email at